Facts About Money: Everyone wants to be wealthy and have a carefree life, but most don’t know the value of having at least 10 dollars in their pockets and no debt. Here at IrishSignage we compiled a list of facts about money that will probably shock you. Even if you are rich or poor this article may amuse and help you make decisions with the money that you poses.

1. Earning or Inheriting?

Millionaires who have earned their wealth are moderately happier than those who inherited it, a 2018 psychology study found. With this statement, we can conclude that people enjoy earning their own money by working hard and having the dedication, rather then being born rich and having it handed to them, it is only logical that the things with the money you worked so hard for will be way more enjoyable.

2. Does Money Make You Happy?

The key to happiness is spending your money on experiences rather than possessions, according to studies. Possessions like cars, houses, or just regular phones or laptops tend to get boring after a while, but going on an adventure or a trip can make you happier because you experience new sensations and view new sights that you have never seen before.

3. How Wealthy Are You?

If you have US$10 in your pocket and no debts, you are wealthier than 25% of Americans.

4. How Much Money Is There?

There’s US$75 trillion in the entire world. If this is distributed amongst all people on Earth, each person will have less than $11,000.

5. Interest and Loans.

34.5% of the money the average American takes home is spent on interest, including credit cards and auto loans.

6. Movie Money.

To be legal, prop money for films in the U.S. must be one-sided and less than 75% or more than 150% of the size of a real banknote. Next time take a closer look of the money used in movies, maybe they are going to be very small or huge in comparison with real money.

7. Money in Social Life.

Having a better social life can be worth as much as an additional $131,232 a year in terms of life satisfaction, according to a study.

8. What Do Your Savings Say About You?

69% of Americans have less than US$1,000 in savings. So in comparison, if you have $1001 in your savings bank account, you can consider yourself richer then about 70% of Americans.

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