Traffic warning signs are used to alert highway, street, or road users to unexpected or dangerous conditions ahead, it is very important that we pay close attention to them, understand what they mean and what we should be looking for when on road.

Note: Don’t speed up, be careful when driving because you’re responsible for more than just one life in most of the occasions.

T road sign
This Warning Sign warns you that the road ends ahead. Slow down and prepare to safely turn left or right. It’s important to stay focused.
Winding road sign
Watch out! There is a winding road ahead. Driving recklessly should never be an option, but especially on such situations.

Side road enters sign
This sign gives warning of a side road that enters the highway ahead.
Dip ahead sign
This sign warns about a dip ahead. Slow down.
Deer sign
This sign means deer frequently cross the road. Slow down, deer may be nearby.
Bump sign
A bump is in the road ahead.
Chevron sign
CHEVRON SIGN. A sharp curve in the road in the direction of the arrow.

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