Feel the Power of Digital Signage and See the Difference!

Feel the Power of
Digital Signage and See
the Difference!

3+1 reasons for Digital Signage

Videos attract more attention and tell stories, transfer emotions and explain details.

Tell Better 1

Single screen can show various messages and which you can change during time – in the morning, at the weekend, when it’s raining…

From idea to promotion on various places in minutes, not weeks.

Present your catalogues, videos, animations, eshops or get instant feedback with interactive touch solutions.


How it Works?

  • Weather forecast says it’s going to rain.
  • Perfect time to promote your umbrella selection!
  • Easily upload your content via USB or WiFi & you’re ready to go!
  • All there is left is to watch your happy customers with new umbrellas.

See the difference?

  • It’s totally different from printed paper posters.
  • Digital promotion is easy – start simply by showing pictures, videos or animations.
  • Discover all the smart possiblities digital signage offers & beat the market!


  • Plug & Play
  • Simply upload content via USB or WiFi, no IT support necessary
  • Simple “Step by Step” manual included


  • Elegant & durable screen covers
  • Universal – suitable for screens of various vendors
  • Ready to operate 24/7/365


  • Advanced central content management solutions
  • Touch solutions, anti reflective screens and more options available
  • Custom colours, branding, and other customizations on request