Promotional Counter


  • Excellent quality with low price
  • Large area for graphic
  • Strong & stable lightweight design
  • Bag for transporting included
  • Prices include customised printing
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The stands we offer are an ideal advertising medium, perfect for direct sales, various promotions and tastings. Thanks to the simplicity of installation, they are very popular in many markets.

The promotional counter is made entirely of PVC. In addition, the set includes a large transport bag – the stand is delivered in one folded element, therefore it does not require additional assembly.

We always e-mail a proof of the artwork for approval before we go to print.


Version Single sided use
Product width (mm) 703 | 777 | 861
Product height (mm) 1113 | 1247 | 1386
Product depth (mm) 122
Packaging unit width (mm) 925 | 940
Packaging unit height (mm) 175
Packaging unit length (mm) 1280 | 1290 | 1450
Packaging unit 1
Palette number of pieces 4
Net weight (kg) 38 | 45,5 | 54,1
Total weight (kg) 41 | 50 | 58,1
Warranty (months) 24

Promotional Counter

The Promotional Counter is an ideal advertising medium designed for direct sales, promotions, and tastings. Known for its simplicity of installation, it has gained popularity in various markets as an effective tool for showcasing brands.
The Promotional Counter is made entirely of PVC, providing a lightweight and durable construction for your advertising needs.
The Promotional Counter is delivered as one folded element, eliminating the need for additional assembly. This design ensures a hassle-free setup for your convenience.
The Promotional Counter offers several advantages, including a low price point, a lightweight design for easy portability, and the unique feature of requiring no assembly. It also maintains a strong and stable lightweight design while being offered at an excellent price.
Despite its low price, the Promotional Counter is crafted with excellent quality materials, ensuring durability and reliability. This makes it a cost-effective solution without compromising on product quality.
The Promotional Counter provides a large area for graphics, allowing you to prominently display your brand or promotional content. Specific dimensions can be found in the product specifications to meet your design requirements.
While the Promotional Counter is primarily designed for indoor use, it can be used outdoors with proper consideration for weather conditions. It's important to take precautions to protect graphics in outdoor settings.
The Promotional Counter comes with a large transport bag, making it easy to carry and transport to different locations. This feature enhances the counter's portability for various marketing events.
Yes, the Promotional Counter comes with a bag for transporting, providing a comprehensive solution for your advertising needs. This makes it convenient to carry and store the counter for different promotional opportunities.
To place an order, you can visit our website or contact our sales team directly. Shipping details, including costs and delivery times, will be provided during the ordering process.