Telescopic Stand


This backdrop is a curved anodised aluminium frame which can accommodate a double sided fabric printed graphic, ideal for a backdrop display or simple dividing wall.

  • 34mm Anodised aluminium with security clips
  • Extremely stable thanks to the smooth curve of the frame
  • Durable and easy to use
  • Comes with a reinforced transport trolley with wheels
  • Prices include customised printing

Fast and easy to set-up with a tool-free and step-by-step assembly. Perfect to use as an exhibition backwall or as a conference wall. After your indoor event or presentation, you can easily pack it up and transport it to the next show.


Telescopic Stand

The Telescopic Stand is a series of walls designed for banner graphics with large areas, serving as an excellent element for company presentations. It works well for branding during trade fairs, company celebrations, and provides an ideal background for photos or recordings.
The Telescopic Stand's design operates on the principle of telescopic tubes, allowing the frame to be adjustable and available in various sizes. This feature provides simplicity, stability, and flexibility, making it a popular choice for banner graphics.
The Telescopic Stand offers a low price point, simple assembly and disassembly, stable construction, and includes a bag for convenient transportation. Its design, featuring a curved anodized aluminum frame, adds to its stability and visual appeal.
The Telescopic Stand achieves stability through its curved anodized aluminum frame with security clips. This design ensures a smooth curve, making the stand extremely stable during use.
The Telescopic Stand comes with a reinforced transport trolley with wheels, making it easy to transport to different locations. This feature enhances the stand's portability for various marketing events.
No, the Telescopic Stand features a simple assembly and disassembly process. It is fast and easy to set up with a tool-free and step-by-step assembly, making it convenient for indoor events, exhibitions, or presentations.
The Telescopic Stand frame is made of 34mm anodized aluminum with security clips. This material ensures durability and ease of use during your presentations.
Yes, the Telescopic Stand is designed to accommodate double-sided fabric printed graphics, making it versatile for different display needs. This is ideal for creating a backdrop display or a simple dividing wall.
After your indoor event or presentation, you can easily pack up the Telescopic Stand and transport it to the next show. Its durable and easy-to-use design, along with the included reinforced transport trolley, ensures convenient portability.
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