Outdoor Digital Totem


  • Weatherproof & lockable housing
  • Heavy base 10mm steel plate ensuring good stability
  • Internal fan cooling system for hot environments
  • USB / WIFI / LAN access for content management
Product Datasheet

Create great awareness with the Digital Totem Outdoor. This Outdoor Digital Totem is designed to withstand almost all weather conditions, due to the professional outdoor Samsung screen (OHF) with included heating and cooling fans to control the temperature and prevent the screen from freezing or overheating. Perfect to use at amusement parks, zoos and other public spaces.

The Outdoor Digital Totem housing is made of highly durable stainless steel panels and aluminium frame. The Outdoor screen has a tempered glass to be protected from vandalism. The screen has a IP56 certificate to protect it from rain and the monitor is covered by IK10 protective front glass panel. The display can operate in temperatures that range from -30°C to 50°C. Mount the Outdoor Digital Totem to the floor with ready fixing holes of 12mm diameter within the base, accessible from inside (screws not included). The professional Samsung screen is only available in 55”. Housing available in the colour black as a standard colour and other colours are possible upon request.


Version Single sided use
Product width (mm) 882
Product height (mm) 2009
Product depth (mm) 210
Packaging unit width (mm) 1200
Packaging unit height (mm) 800
Packaging unit length (mm) 2070
Packaging unit 1
Palette number of pieces 1
Net weight (kg) 146.1
Total weight (kg) 154.1
Warranty (months) 24
Electrical energy Yes
Wattage 450 W
Yes, absolutely! The Outdoor Digital Totem is designed and built to withstand all weather conditions and has an IP56-rated certificate. It is specifically engineered with weatherproof features that protect it from rain, dust, extreme temperatures and other outdoor elements. With its robust construction, you can confidently display your content outdoor, without worrying about any weather-related damage.
Yes, the base of the Outdoor Digital Totem must be securely fixed to the ground. It is even required to have a fix installation in concrete. This ensures stability and prevents the totem from falling, providing a safe and secure outdoor display solution.
Yes, absolutely! The Outdoor Digital Totem is equipped with tempered Magic Protection Glass of the Samsung OH55A-S screen series. This glass provides exceptional durability and has an IK10 rating, ensuring advanced safety and protection against external impact. With this robust protection, the totem is resistant to vandalism and offers peace of mind, even in public or high-traffic areas.
Yes, you can easily change the content on the Outdoor Digital Totem. As the totem will be displayed outside in public space, it is designed with security in mind. For that reason, to protect the USB opening, it is equipped with four push locks that require a key to open the door and gain access to the USB drive. So you will need to simply unscrew the integreated IP box, connect the USB and your messages are ready to play. So you can easily and securely manage your content on the Outdoor Digital Totem!
The main difference between the Outdoor Digital Totem and the Outdoor Digital Totem Design lies in their designs and constructions. While both models offer the same functionality for outdoor use, the Outdoor Digital Totem Design offers a distinct and unique appearance, compared to the standard design of the Outdoor Digital Totem.
We take great care in packing the Outdoor Digital Totem, to ensure a safe delivery to you or your customer. It is carefully packed on a pallet, protected by sturdy paper boxes and wrapped with stretch film. This guarantees that the totem arrives safely and secure to you or at your customers doorstep!
No, unfortunately it is not possible to add touch functionality to the Outdoor Digital Totem. The reason for this, is that Samsung does not offer outdoor screens with touch functionality. We have a great and reliable partnership with Samsung for high-quality digital display screen solutions. But unfortunately, it does not extend to outdoor screens with touch functionality at this time.
The Outdoor Digital Totem does not come with an electric cable. Instead, it requires the supply cable to be plugged into the IP-56 rated junction box. For outdoor installations that require power connections, it is important to follow specific steps to ensure a successfull setup. Firstly, the base of the totem needs to be securely mounted in concrete, providing a stable foundation. Additionally, the electrical connections have to be made, preferably by seeking the assistance of an authorised professional for electrical installations, to ensure safety and compliance. The electric cable supply will be plugged into the IP-56 rated junction box inside the totem's housing. So you can install the Outdoor Digital Totem with confidance, create an impressive and professional appreance with no visble wires or cables!